Insight Theatre seeks Social Entrepreneur

Planned Parenthood Ottawa (PPO)is looking for a dynamic and innovative social entrepreneur:

                   To evaluate the successes and challenges of Insight Theatre, and

                   To recommend an exciting and creative new direction for the program.


Insight Theatre is a by-youth, for-youth sexual health educational theater program that has performed for Ottawa audiences for 34 years. Troupe members are high school-aged youth that we train as sex educators, who write and perform educational skits about sexual health in schools and community organizations across Ottawa.


The position is a 9-week contract dedicated to program evaluation and re-development, with the possibility of a contract renewal to coordinate a new and improved Insight Theatre program (conditional on funding).


Who should apply?

You are passionate about sexual health. You know theatre and you’re motivated to create innovative and fun educational opportunities for young people. PPO is committed to diversifying its staff to ensure that a variety of life experiences are represented and that it is reflective of the different communities in the Ottawa area.  This includes but is not limited to: LGBTQ+ communities; racialized communities;Indigenous communities; people living with invisible and visible disabilities and/or individuals living with intersecting marginalization(s).


What experience is valuable?

Experience evaluating projects is beneficial (M&E, designing surveys, organizing focus groups). Experience designing or implementing theatre programs or other creative pursuits is also beneficial. Have you ever run a summer camp theater workshop? Participated in a community production? Helped to facilitate a workshop for young people? Tell us about these experiences and how you think they will help you to understand what does and doesn’t work about youth programming, and what interests you about revamping and bolstering the Insight Theater Program at PPO.


What skills are important for the position?

                   Experience mobilizing and working with high school youth & youth-driven programs

                   Experience in various aspects of theatre and/or other creative pursuits

                   A good understanding of social issues and community services available in Ottawa

                   Strong ability to navigate community and bureaucracy

                   Effective written and oral communication skills

                   Experience working within the Ottawa school system is an asset

                   High motivation, self-direction and able to work with minimal supervision

                   Flexible schedule

                   High levels of knowledge and/or comfort in discussing sexual health topics.


What are the roles and responsibilities associated with the position?

                   Produce an evaluation report covering the last 5 years of Insight Theater programming by June 30. Includes summaries of shows and feedback, interviews with stakeholders including youth, teachers, and school administrators.

                   Research other successful theater-based education programs.

                   Determine best practices for Insight Theater based on the results of the evaluation

                   Develop strategies for Insight’s peer-lead activities

                   Promote the educational messages of Insight Theater via social media.


This position is available immediately through to June 30, with possibility of extension, conditional on funding.


The terms for the initial contract includes $21/hr for 30 hours/week.


To apply, please submit your resume to with a letter of interest describing how you qualify for the position and your motivation to work with Planned Parenthood Ottawa.


The last date to apply is Monday, April 24th at 9am, however, we will start contacting qualified candidates on a rolling basis for interviews.