Bridging Services for Women Project

A project of Planned Parenthood Ottawa, the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women

Violence against women (VAW) and women's sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs often go hand in hand. Reproductive coercion, inability to negotiate safer sex practices, unplanned pregnancy, and vulnerability to STI's and sexual health complications are only some of the issues that girls and women experiencing violence may face. Both VAW and SRH service providers can be called upon to offer support to women who need information and resources in both areas and, as frontline workers, may be the first to recognize the links.

What do we know? 
What do we wish we knew? 
What do we need to offer the best support to women experiencing the intersection of violence and SRH concerns?

Throughout November 2012 the "Bridging Services" Project asked the VAW & SRH frontline staff what they know, and feel you need to know, about each other's work? What tools would most help bridge these intersecting areas with the girls and women we all support?

Through focus groups, interviews and surveys we asked frontline VAW and SRH service providers to give us your valuable feedback about reproductive coercion, and other SRH issues facing women experiencing violence.

The research for Phase One of this project is now concluded. Thank you to everyone who participated in this research, and to everyone who was able to attend our launch event. 

You can download a copy of our white paper or annotated slideshow to learn more about this interesting project.

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