Welcome to Planned Parenthood Ottawa’s Community Education!  

The Community Education program offers workshops on a variety of topics for all age groups. The presentations give practical, up-to-date information that emphasize skill-building and communication. They are well-suited to elementary and secondary schools, college and universities, drop-ins, clubs and other community-based organizations. 

All workshops are given by trained staff and/or volunteer Community Educators and are tailored to meet the needs of individual groups. We request 1.5 hours for each presentation, but can adjust the timing if necessary. 

If you would like a presentation on a topic that is not listed below, please contact PPO. We are always happy to look into creating a customized presentation.

Presentation topics include:

Discover the various methods of contraception and safe sex activities through student-led activities. Which team will communicate well enough to win the condom race?

Sexually Transmitted Infections
Build student confidence through peer-led presentations on transmission, symptoms, testing and treatments. 

Healthy Relationships
Explore issues of consent, communication and abuse through thought-provoking “what if” scenarios and facilitated discussion. 

Puberty & Anatomy
Puberty can be tough, but we make understanding it easy. Our activities normalize the physical and emotional changes at puberty. Giggle your way through our Match game while learning about sexual and reproductive anatomy.

Talking to Children & Youth about Sexuality       
This presentation, geared towards parents and guardians, gives practical “how-to” information on talking about healthy sexuality, responding to questions, and sharing values with our children and youth. Resources and links to additional sources for information are provided.

Puberty & Anatomy:     
The puberty/anatomy presentation follows curriculum requirements and is tailored to each specific age group (grades 5 and 6). Topics covered include: Physical and emotional changes at puberty, normalizing changes for boys and girls, the importance of personal hygiene, and the anatomy of reproductive systems.

The self-esteem workshop is geared towards grades 5 through 8. In this workshop, the participants will discuss body image, social expectations, and the influence of media and peers. Individual self-esteem boosting activities will be included.   

Pregnancy Options          
This presentation provides information on all three pregnancy options: Parenting, adoption and abortion. Support services and other community resources are outlined.

Postpartum Contraception 
This presentation gives up to date information on contraception methods that can be used during the postpartum period. Advantages and disadvantages, effectiveness, cost and availability of these methods are covered.

Sex Positivity       
This interactive workshop facilitates a discussion of our sex-negative culture and its roots, what “sex positivity” means, and the advantages of using a sex-positive approach.

Question Box   
This workshop is intended to provide a safe space for participants to ask a variety of questions regarding sexual health. This is a great idea for groups who would benefit from a broader scope of sexual health information.

Our workshop program can be booked by itself or in conjunction with our Insight Theatre peer-education presentation.

Please contact the coordinator for more information about our fees.

PPO also offers a kiosk program. A staff or volunteer representative will come to your location with hand-outs and resources, and will be there to answer questions. If you would like to invite PPO to participate in a health fair or other event, please contact the Community Education Coordinator by phone at 613-226-3234 (ext. 303) or by email at

Booking Information
To book a presentation or other engagement, please fill out our Engagement Request form, which can be found here. The completed form can be emailed to or faxed to 613-226-8955.

To learn more, please contact the Community Education Coordinator by phone at 613-226-3234 (ext. 303) or by email at Presentations are often booked one month in advance.

Research and Special Projects

To respond to the needs of Ottawa's diverse and changing community, PPO  commission research through Carleton University's School of Social Work about the sexual health needs of Muslim youth in Ottawa.  The research team was Justine McNulty, Kristen Bongard, Lisa Middleton, Gifty Arkorful and Liette Perron.

The paper, "Beyond the Absence of Disease: Identifying Barriers, Gaps and Needs in Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Offered to Muslim Youth in the Ottawa Area" will inform PPO's work over the next several years.

A PDF of the paper is available for download here. 

In 2011, the research team of Sinmi Akin-­Aina, Allison Everett, Tobias Harrington completed a program evaluation of our "Visiting Girls' Chat" pilot project. The aim of this project was to deliver information about sexual and reproductive health to young women from Muslim backgrounds.

A PDF of the program assessment is available for download here. A presentation of the program, as delivered to the 2012 Guelph Sexuality Conference, can be found here.

Ottawa Youth Sexual Health Survey
In 2012, PPO worked with the Carleton School of Social Work to design a survey of youth sexual health practices between the ages of 16 and 24. The research team was Polly Leonard, Carolann Chevalier, Natalie Dias, Katrina Levasseur and Katie Ratcliff. 

A PDF of the final report can be found here.


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Insight Theatre, a Planned Parenthood Ottawa program, is a unique non-profit, public education theatre program created by, for and about youth.