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Female Condom (Reality Condom)

What is the Reality condom?
The Reality condom is a thin, polyurethane sheath with a flexible ring on each end.  The female condom is inserted into the vagina or the anus to line the vaginal walls or rectum. It provides protection against pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

How does the Reality condom work?
The female condom works by providing a barrier between partners so that bodily fluids (e.g. semen, blood, vaginal fluid) are not shared. It prevents semen (cum) from entering the vagina or rectum.

How effective is the Reality condom?
The Reality condom is an effective method for preventing STIs and pregnancy.
Perfect Use: Approximately 95% in preventing pregnancy
Typical Use: Approximately 79% effective (although there can be a range) 
How do I use the Reality condom?
Find a comfortable position and stand with one foot up on a chair, sit with knees apart, or lie down
Be sure the inner ring is at the closed-end of the condom
For comfort add a drop of lubricant at the closed-end ring
Hold the condom with the open end hanging down
Squeeze the inner ring with your thumb and middle finger
Place your index finger between the thumb and middle finger and keep squeezing the inner ring.
With the other hand spread the labia (lips) of your vagina and insert it into the vagina. For insertion into the anus, it may be easier if your partner inserts it for you. You can also remove the inner ring, place it directly on the penis and use it like a male condom.
Push the inner ring and the condom all the way up into your vagina or rectum with your index finger. For vaginal insertion, make sure the inner ring is up just past the pubic bone. You can feel the pubic bone by curving your index finger when it is a couple of inches inside the vagina

Before intercourse: Make sure the condom is not twisted and that the outer ring lies against the vulva or anus
During intercourse: Side-to-side movement of the ring is normal.  If you feel the outer ring slip into the vagina or anus or the penis starts to enter underneath the condom, stop intercourse and ensure the condom is in the correct position. 
After intercourse- the condom should be removed before you stand up. Squeeze and twist the outer ring to keep the ejaculate inside the condom. Pull out gently. Throw away in a trash can. DO NOT FLUSH OR REUSE.

*The outer ring hangs outside the vagina or anus, which covers some of the surface area of the vulva or anus, which can offer some protection against STIs that are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact.

What are the advantages of using the Reality condom?
Protects against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
Non-latex (may be good for people allergic to latex)
Helps protect the vagina, vulva or anus from STIs 
Available without a prescription 
Pre-lubricated and can be used with oil and water-based lubricants
Can be inserted before sex play begins, (up to 24 hours before) 
Erection is not necessary to keep the condom in place
Increases women’s control over protection

What are the disadvantages of using the Reality condom?
Noticeable during sex
Sometimes difficult to insert or use
Does not contain spermicide
Can leak if it slips out of the vagina or anus
More expensive than male condoms
May be noisy and often moves during intercourse
Unlike the male condom, the Reality condom comes only in one shape and size. 

How can I get Reality condoms?
Reality condoms are available in pharmacies, clinics and sexual health centres.

How much do Reality condoms cost?
Pharmacy – Approximately $15.00 for 3 but can be more of less depending on the individual pharmacy’s dispensing fee. Sexual health centres may have Reality condoms at a lower cost.