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Planned Parenthood Ottawa (PPO) is a pro-choice organization promoting healthy sexuality and supporting informed sexual and reproductive health choices through education, counselling, information, and referral services.


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Planned Parenthood Ottawa is grateful to the many supporters who make our work possible.

Planned Parenthood Ottawa History
The Ottawa Society for Population Planning

The founding group of Planned Parenthood Ottawa met to develop a formal association, sometime early in 1961. The Minister of the Unitarian Church addressed the need for population planning and the organization was born within the Unitarian parish. Named the Ottawa Society for Population Planning, it held its first meeting in April 1963.

The Planned Parenthood Association of Ottawa

In March 1964, the organization was renamed the Planned Parenthood Association of Ottawa, to be part of the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada, formed in 1964. The aim of the group was to link with others and bring about the repeal of provisions in the Canadian Criminal Code that made it illegal to share information on contraception and birth planning.

In 1964 the Association initiated an information and referral service, provided by telephone, for the residents of Ottawa and neighboring districts. In August 1969 the Association announced proudly that Family Planning was legal.

The philosophy that EVERY CHILD SHOULD BE A WANTED CHILD, was accepted by all, and agreed that moral values should never be imposed. Many clients were single and for this reason it was imperative that volunteers, nurses, doctors accept clients without moral judgement.

In 1971 Planned Parenthood Ottawa Incorporated, became a registered charitable tax-
deductible organization. This improved the position of raising funds and the outlook for increasing services. During the last thirty years PPO's programming has evolved in order to best meet community needs. Throughout these changes, the agency has never lost its focus of providing up to date, nonjudgmental sexual and reproductive health information and we strive to continue in the future. This would not be possible to achieve without the commitment, energy and enthusiasm of our members, supporters, staff and volunteers.

Planned Parenthood Ottawa Celebration Video from Ian Capstick on Vimeo.

To respond to the needs of Ottawa's diverse and changing community, PPO recently commissioned research through Carleton University's School of Social Work about the sexual health needs of Muslim youth in Ottawa.  The research team was Justine McNulty, Kristen Bongard, Lisa Middleton, Gifty Arkorful and Liette Perron.

The paper, "Beyond the Absence of Disease: Identifying Barriers, Gaps and Needs in Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Offered to Muslim Youth in the Ottawa Area" will inform PPO's work over the next several years.

A PDF of the paper is available for download here.


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Insight Theatre, a Planned Parenthood Ottawa program, is a unique non-profit, public education theatre program created by, for and about youth.